With the continuous progression of population aging, the elderly population in China is expected to reach 300 million by the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, aggravating the need for medical workers and high-quality healthcare. 

Surgical assistance by robots improves surgery processes in terms of minimal invasion, rapidness, and precision, reduces the repetitive work of medical workers, and eventually raises the success rate of surgery. ROKAE provides precise, efficient, and safe solutions and develops customized cobots for the healthcare industry to help medical workers perform surgeries easily and accurately while improving the success rate and labor intensity.


Extreme Safety 


Sensitive force sensing control and various safety features that safeguards both medical workers and patients.

Easy Drag


1N easy dragging for convenient single-hand operation.



Second development support for more flexible adaptation to customized scenarios. 

Smaller Footprint


Exclusive cabinet-free design contributes to the ever-compact medical device, saving up to 50% of the medical footprint. 

Reliable Quality 


World-leading high-quality parts for stable and reliable robot operation.

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