Corporate Culture
World-Leading Robotics Expert
Better Life with Robots
Be friendly to others, efficient and professional in work,
simple and straightforward in communication, and results-driven.
Be friendly to others
Guided by the mission of "Better Life with Robots", we come together as a community of like-minded people who are always passionate about work and life and strive to change the world and how people live.
Be efficient and professional in work
Professionalism and efficiency are key to corporate development. This means to do the right thing and do things right and leave things to professionals. Only when everyone can make a difference in their expertise can we support the continuous business development together.
Be simple and straightforward in communication
We encourage simple and straightforward communication, which means highlighting results when debriefing, presenting plans when asking for instructions, reviewing processes when wrapping up, and identifying standards when assigning work to ensure a closed loop of information.
Value is our yardstick for results. Regardless of position or seniority, and no matter how hard they work, those with the most contributions and value are worthy of rewards.
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