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Headquartered in Beijing, the company has set up robot R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Wuhan and Shandong, and has built an R&D blueprint with global competitiveness. Over 80% of the core R&D team members have earned a master's degree or higher from renowned institutions like Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, and Harbin Institute of Technology. 

In Shandong Province of China, it has its own factory with an annual capacity of more than 50,000 units, and has established a sales, technical support and automation solution service system covering the mainland of China. We have branches in Suzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan to undertake regional sales, technical support, solutions and industrial technology research. 

From the definition and design of key components parameters, flexible force control technology, intelligent vision planning system and other underlying technologies, to the robot bottom control system, high integration modular joint and other core components, ROKAE has its own intellectual property rights. 

At present, it has launched a new generation of xCore control system with independent intellectual property rights, which can support both industrial and collaborative product lines. It has the same technical performance level as the world's top robot enterprises, and has become one of the few robot enterprises in the industry that can realize the same level of import substitution.

ROKAE Robotics focuses on the R&D, production and sales of serial products such as industrial robots and collaborative robots. Based on platform products and core technology of independent intellectual property rights, ROKAE Robotics provides customers with more intelligent, more efficient and safer products and automation solutions and other services in industrial, commercial and medical fields.

ROKAE Robotics has a nationwide service system, which can provide 24/7 business contact, pre-sale, sales and after-sales comprehensive, localized services.

Through in-depth exploration of electronics, auto parts, metal, sewing, medical treatment, commerce and other industries, ROKAE Robotics gives full play to its performance advantages in grinding, deburring, gluing, loading and unloading, assembly, quality inspection, sorting and other fields, realizing the wide application of high flexible solutions, and ushering in the large-scale replication application of multiple scenes.

ROKAE Robotics products have passed a series of safety certification tests, such as EU CE certification, Siemens PI certification, CR certification, etc. After the evaluation of experts organized by the scientific and technological achievements evaluation center, the comprehensive performance of XB series robots is in the domestic leading and international advanced level. In 2018, ROKAE's first robot was sent to Germany. At present, in the international market, ROKAE's products compete with German, Japanese and American industrial robots on the same platform, and have successfully entered the global markets of Germany, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, etc.

Over the past seven years since its establishment, ROKAE Robotics has completed a number of financing. The investors include new hope group, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Shunwei Capital and other institutions. It has long maintained the record of the highest valuation and the largest amount of financing among domestic robot start-ups. 

In 2021, ROKAE Robotics completed the C series financing of more than 300 million yuan; In February 2022, ROKAE Robotics announced the completion of the 400 million yuan strategic financing led by New Hope Group. This financing will be used for the in-depth layout of intelligent industrial upgrading, and help ROKAE Robotics to accelerate its development into a world leading full series of standardized robot enterprises.

ROKAE has released RokaeStudio offline programming software for robotic solution evaluation, which can realize offline programming, action interference check and simulation through its own controller.

ROKAE Robotics communicates with the vision system through standard TCP/IP protocol, and supports mainstream visual brands, such as Dahua Tech, ALSONTECH, Mech-Mind, COGNEX, OMRON, KEYENCE, Panasonic, Hikvision, etc.

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