Metal Fabrication

ROKAE can provide customized and efficient automation solutions for each metal fabrication process. 

ROKAE robots are the perfect choice for casting, loading & unloading, chamfering, welding, deburring, and other processes under harsh working conditions with heavy dust, heavy moisture, and high temperature, significantly improving the economic benefits of the production process and becoming the true 'Neo-Expert' in metal fabrication.


Comprehensive Product Line and Industry-Leading Solutions that Empower Every Single Process 


Suitable for scenarios including handling, loading and unloading, cutting, welding, polishing, and finishing. 

Conquers harsh working conditions including heavy moisture, heavy dust, and high intensity. 

Stable and Reliable Robot that Guarantees Overall Safety and Reliability 


ISO, PI, CE, and CR certifications 

10,000,000 cable bending test cycles, 0℃~45℃ operation test, and 120-hour factory test. 

Easy/Quick-to-Use and Simplified Commissioning for Agile Production Startup 


User-friendly human-machine interface customized for specific industries for the mastering of commissioning in merely half a day.

Parameterized process package customized for specific industries that enable rapid changeover under 10 minutes.

Complete After Sales Service System 


ROKAE provides cradle-to-grave services that are customer-centric. Wherever you are, our service team is there for you.

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