Mobile Manipulator - Mutiple Machine Tending Loading/Unloading
Industries 2022/08/09

Case Study: Mobile Manipulator - Mutiple Machine Tending Loading/Unloading

Pain Points


A certain customer's factory needs to achieve automated material tray transportation and improve the level of factory automation. Due to the splashing of cutting fluid inside the machine tool, there is a small amount of tooling allowance, which requires high-precision retrieval and placement, resulting in high requirements for robot accuracy and protection.



ROKAE mobile manipulator effectively solves these pain points. The industrial robot equipped has a high level of protection, and can easily cope with harsh environments inside the machine tool, ensuring long-term efficient, stable and stable operation. Robots meet the requirements of high-precision loading and unloading, ensuring precise loading and unloading.

Customer Benefits


A mobile manipulator corresponds to multiple machine tools simultaneously, greatly improving operational accuracy and loading and unloading rhythm, and helping enterprises improve production efficiency.


✔️Payload: 7 kg

✔️Reach: 1,206 mm

✔️DOF: 6

✔️IP67 rated

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