Commercial Services

As consumption upgrades, new consumer and retail applications such as unmanned desert stands and vending machines are all the rage in the market. 

Health management businesses like intelligent cosmetic medicine and wellness physiotherapy are also gaining popularity. Commercial services have become more intelligent than ever before. ROKAE flexible cobots feature world-class safety performance and flexible control close to human arms. Being easy to use, they can perform a variety of customized services, creating unlimited possibilities for the commercial service industry.


Ease of Use 


Cabinet-free design and plug-and-play mechanical and electrical connectors mean quick installation within 10 minutes. 

Redundant Motion Control 


7 degrees of freedom provide the same flexibility as human arms, allowing for autonomous, flexible, and intelligent obstacle avoidance in tight spaces. 

Extreme Safety 


Ultrasensitive collision detection by torque sensors makes a one-touch stop possible and eliminates the need for a safety fence or grating. 

Easy Programming 


Direct teaching control with 1N, together with a graphical programming interface with flowcharts, makes operation much easier for all users. 

Open Ecosystem 


A wide selection of IO and communication interfaces support the majority of accessories in the industrial ecosystem, greatly expanding the scope of application. 

Excellent Reliability 


100+ design verification experiments, 20+ factory tests, and MTBF > 35,000 h

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