xMate SR Cobot in Robotic Coffee
Industries 2022/09/27


Case Study: ROKAE Cobots in Unmanned Catering Services

The catering industry is an industry that relies heavily on manual labour, and with the complicated production process of desserts and drinks, standardisation has always been a problem in the development process. With the increase in the number of unmanned retail products and the upgrading of service requirements, the new trend is to reduce labour costs, reduce contact and improve efficiency through robots.

ROKAE xMate Series flexible collaborative robot is used to replace manual labour for the unmanned production and sale of ice cream, coffee and other desserts and beverages.


○ Easy to deploy: no control cabinet, small footprint, different working ranges, suitable for different scenarios such as shops, unmanned workstations and kitchens.

○ Simple and easy to use: easy dragging and teaching, complete reproduction of the smooth trajectory, realisation of the entire action process such as drink making, pulling and shaking, lid snapping and flavour customisation

○ Economical and efficient: perfectly replaces manual labour, realises 24/7 unmanned operation, improves operational efficiency and creates a new consumer experience

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