Next-Generation Flexible Collaborative Robots
ROKAE xMate Series
The global labor shortage has created increasing demands for robots in industrial production. As robots are adopted in more and more applications, they are required to be safer, more flexible, and easier to use. The introduction of collaborative robots paves the way for human-robot collaboration, but their application faces huge challenges in many scenarios, such as high-precision assembly in industrial production, compliant human-robot interaction in wellness physiotherapy, and high-precision operations in medical surgery, to name just a few. To satisfy these new scenarios, new robot technologies are needed.

ROKAE's new-generation flexible collaborative robots come with intelligent force sensing and vision. This allows the original open-loop teaching-execution process to be replaced with an intelligent closed-loop process that features dynamic interaction with the environment, making possible safe and accurate interaction between the environment and people. The disruptive innovation enables the robots to unlock more scenarios and become a partner you can rely on in production.
Why Choose
Collaborative Robots
  • Extreme Safety
    Extreme Safety
    ● Sensitivity improved by 10 times thanks to the collision detection by torque sensors
    ● 22 safety features, up to ISO 13849-1, Cat.3, PL d safety certification
    ● Dual-channel redundant monitoring of sensor information and an independently certified safety controller
    ● Position holding accuracy of ±0.1 mm powered by suction contracting brake and dynamic feedforward compensation
  • Superior Performance
    Superior Performance
    ● Cutting-edge motion control technologies for industrial robots: OptiMotion, TrueMotion, and SyncMotion
    ● First-class robot path accuracy supported by dynamic feedforward compensation and dynamic modeling based on over 100 parameters
    ● Payload capacity increased by 20% thanks to the customized motor drive control system
  • Compliant Flexibility
    Compliant Flexibility
    ● Powerful yet flexible robot control based on patented unified force-position hybrid control framework
    ● Force control task efficiency improved by over 3 times through highly dynamic force control
    ● Fine grinding and precision assembly with no extension required thanks to built-in joint sensors and complete force control process kit
  • Ease of Use
    Ease of Use
    ● Cabinet-free design reduces system weight by 50% and allows for fast installation and flexible deployment
    ● Direct teaching control with 1N based on point position and continuous trajectory
    ● Graphical programming interface with flowcharts enables users to get started within 1 hour
    ● Friendly development and open ecosystem support 100+ ecosystem extension tools of 5 categories
    ● Proprietary Rokae Studio offline programming software that supports the simulation for all models
  • Excellent Reliability
    Excellent Reliability
    ● Motion planning based on dynamics constraints delivers high performance, overload protection, and an extended service life
    ● 100+ design verification experiments, 20+ factory tests, and MTBF > 35,000 h
    ● IP67 protection level satisfies the demands of harsh industrial applications
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Collaborative Robots
Select the following robots for comparison
# Model
Reach Range
20 kg
1798 mm
18 kg
1062 mm
12 kg
1434 mm
7 kg
988 mm
4 kg
919 mm
3 kg
706 mm
ER7 Pro
7 kg
1125 mm
7 kg
1125 mm
ER3 Pro
3 kg
1010 mm
3 kg
1010 mm
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Collaborative Robots
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