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The automotive manufacturing industry is going through a revolutionary upgrade with automation, digitalization, and intelligence at its core. 

In recent years, ROKAE has been extensively providing automation equipment, comprehensive solutions, and production line planning services according to the processes and needs of customers, thanks to the know-how of ROKAE in the auto parts industry. With its innovative, efficient, and competitive solutions, ROKAE is acknowledged by users worldwide and takes pride in its rich experience accumulated over the years.


Robots with High Performance and Reliability 


ROKAE products are suitable for numerous application scenarios pertaining to auto parts including gluing, deburring, laser welding, and screw locking. 

Comprehensive Customized Solutions 


ROKAE provides comprehensive customized solutions according to the processes and customer needs for lower costs and higher efficiency. 

Complete After Sales Service System 


ROKAE provides cradle-to-grave services that are customer-centric. Wherever you are, our service team is there for you.

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