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Every second and every motion of industrial robots matter throughout manufacturing, and that explains why robot reliability and speed come first for ROKAE. Thanks to the various working ranges and load capacities, as well as the perfect combination of high precision and high speed, ROKAE industrial robots have been widely used in all kinds of production processes, including loading and unloading, deburring, testing, gluing, sorting, assembly, and handling, ever since their advent and have manifested outstanding performance in every industry.

After years of updating and improving, ROKAE robots have become faster and more reliable, with more functions integrated into a compact size. That makes applications easier, production more stable, and intelligent manufacturing more efficient.

Why Choose

ROKAE Industrial Robot?


Efficient Production

● Optimal hardware performance powered by self-developed control systems
● Remarkably adroit motion backed by modularized control architecture

More Reliable

Stable Operation

● Rigorous design and continuous improvement bring you a reliable partner in industrial production
● IP67, CE, and CR certifications

More Precise

Flexible Integration

● Easier deployment and installation thanks to fully enclosed arm and hollow wrist
● Broader application due to various interfaces


Worry-Free Operation

● Simple maintenance with timely, professional, and efficient service

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A full portfolio of ROKAE industrial robots and solutions can satisfy all your needs for automation.
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