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ROKAE can provide customized and efficient automation solutions for multiple industrial scenarios.

ROKAE robots are the perfect choice for casting, loading & unloading, chamfering, welding, deburring, and other processes under harsh working conditions with heavy dust, heavy moisture, and high temperature, significantly improving the economic benefits of the production process and becoming the true 'Neo-Expert' in multiple industries.


Rich Process Experience 


After years of process and technology accumulation, aided by the high-precision and high-speed motion performance of robots and the rich experience in the automation industry, ROKAE has made successful breakthroughs in core processes such as blade wet sanding, blade cutting, and chamfering. 

Groundbreaking Proprietary Technology 


The ROKAE-proprietary AutoGen intelligent vision planning system automatically plans the robot's grinding path and force, ensuring the consistency of the cutting edge and thus improving production efficiency while reducing non-conforming products. Compatibility with numerous tools eliminates the need for teach programming by human labor, enabling easy changeover in less than 3 minutes. 

Reliable Robot with High Performance 


ROKAE robots feature an overall IP67 protection level for dust-proof and waterproof characteristics as well as reliable performance that boasts high precision and high speed, ensuring reliable and efficient operation in extreme environments as harsh as wet sanding. 

Complete After Sales Service Syste


ROKAE provides cradle-to-grave services that are customer-centric. Wherever you are, our service team is there for you.

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