Tumor Biopsy Navigation and Positioning Robot
Industries 2022/08/09

Case study: tumor biopsy navigation and positioning robot.

Model: ROKAE xMate ER7

✔️Payload: 7 kg

✔️DOF: 7

✔️Reach: 850 mm

✔️Repeatability: ±0.03 mm

With such robotic technology as highly dynamic joint force control, collision detection, and virtual wall, xMate cobots can monitor external force control in real-time, track puncture location automatically, and realize precise assisted positioning to ensure surgery safety.

As the medical industry starts to recognize the benefits of using robots at different stages of diagnosis and treatment, medical robots, in particular surgical robots, see a broad market. xMate cobots are also suitable for such medical scenarios as joint replacement, surgical navigation and positioning, laparoscopic surgery assistant, etc.

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