Total Knee Arthroplasty Assisted Robot
Industries 2022/08/08

Case study: Total Knee Arthroplasty Assisted Robot

Free from spatial interference during equipment and personnel operation thanks to flexible arrangement of manipulator position based on precise assisted positioning.


✔️Real-time dynamic virtual wall tracking

✔️Highly dynamic joint force control and virtual wall control of variable stiffness

✔️Drag force less than 2 N allows intuitive surgery preparation, deployment, and operation

✔️Open underlying real-time control interface and complete SDK for secondary development

✔️Suitable for such medical scenarios as joint replacement, surgical navigation and positioning, laparoscopic surgery assistant, tumor biopsy navigation and positioning, etc.

As the medical industry starts to recognize the benefits of using robots at different stages of diagnosis and treatment, medical robots, in particular surgical robots, see a broad market. 

xMate flexible collaborative robots come with integrated cabinet-free design, world-leading safety performance, and compliance control close to human arms. They are helping to push the limits of what is medically possible, benefit patients with more accurate, effective, and safe healthcare solutions, and improve the lives of those involved in the medical industry.

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