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Company news 2024/06/20


In the context of the global shift towards intelligent manufacturing, Chinese robotics companies are accelerating their international expansion. ROKAE Robotics has been deeply engaged in overseas markets for many years, providing a range of mature and reliable products and solutions to clients in various fields such as automotive parts, 3C electronics, and metal processing. Today, ROKAE's business spans Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Russia, and other regions.

This article showcases a series of overseas application cases, illustrating how ROKAE leverages its advantages to help global partners achieve significant improvements in efficiency and quality.


ROKAE Advantages 

Over the years, ROKAE has continually explored and cultivated global markets, gradually building multiple advantages including leading technology, comprehensive products, reliable quality, and excellent service to compete on the world stage.

#1 Comprehensive Range of Industrial and Collaborative Robots 

ROKAE offers a full range of products with payload capacities from 3 to 220 kg and reach from 475 to 3201 mm. The new generation of flexible collaborative robots are safe, easy to use, and compliant, while industrial robots are characterized by high speed and precision, meeting the diverse needs of various industries.

#2 Advanced Core Technologies 

With proprietary high-performance xCore control systems and core technologies like OptiMotion and TrueMotion, ROKAE has significantly enhanced key performance metrics such as speed, accuracy, vibration suppression, compliant force control, and collision detection sensitivity.

#3 Durable and Reliable Product Quality 

ROKAE rigorously tests and inspects its products, from components to complete machines. Additionally, ROKAE has obtained several international authoritative certifications, including CR, CE, KCs, NRTL, and EAC for robots.

#4 Outstanding After-Sales Service and Technical Support 

With a customer-centric approach and a primary goal of ensuring effective robot utilization, ROKAE provides comprehensive service, including five standard parts warehouses across the country and after-sales service centers in 16 countries/regions worldwide, ensuring that customer value is fully realized.


Application Cases

01/ Laser Marking Load/Unload | Russia

Solution: The client implemented ROKAE's CR series collaborative robots for laser marking of electronic components. With a repeatability of ±0.02mm, the robots precisely position and grasp the workpieces for marking and then transfer them to the assembly area. The robots also feature high-sensitivity collision detection, eliminating the need for additional safety protection and ensuring the safety of both personnel and workpieces.


  • Flexible deployment and safe operation of CR series robots enhance product consistency through automated marking.

  • The robots can efficiently handle up to 1,600 workpieces in an 8-hour cycle, producing at least 20,000 pieces per month, significantly boosting productivity.

02/ Ball Valve Machining Load/Unload | Vietnam

Solution: ROKAE's NB12 series industrial robots identify and grasp ball valve blanks, accurately loading them into the machine for processing. After processing, the robots automatically unload the products, enabling 24-hour continuous operation.


  • High-speed, high-precision NB12 series robots complete a ball valve processing cycle in 8 seconds, producing over 10,000 pieces daily without manual supervision, greatly enhancing production efficiency.

  • Simple robot setup allows operators without specialized skills to change production within 30 minutes, catering to small batch, multi-variety production needs.

03/ Automotive Air Conditioner Parts Handling | Mexico

Solution: A client in Mexico introduced ROKAE's NB220 series high-load industrial robots for automated assembly of automotive air conditioner boxes. The robots' strong wrist load capacity is ideal for handling large, high-inertia workpieces, and the integrated vision system ensures precise parts handling.


  • Improved production efficiency and product consistency and quality.

  • Enabled the client's production line to achieve intelligent, unmanned production, making the process more efficient and sustainable.

04/ New Energy Vehicle Motor Assembly | South Korea

Solution: ROKAE industrial robots deployed in the assembly of automotive motors utilize the TrueMotion feature for high-precision grasping, combined with force control to avoid workpiece damage. The robots' reliable and stable performance ensures continuous operation.


  • Enhanced product quality and production capacity.

  • Increased production efficiency and reduced labor costs.

05/ Cardboard Handling | Russia

Solution: ROKAE's CR series collaborative robots efficiently handle cardboard. Their compact design allows for flexible deployment without safety barriers, ensuring no harm to workers during the handling process and maintaining safety in human-robot collaboration.


  • 24/7 robot operation liberates workers from monotonous, heavy labor, helping businesses reduce labor costs.

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-teach function combined with graphical programming allows for quick switching between different functional scenarios, enabling flexible production.

As a global company, ROKAE will continue to focus on providing smarter, more efficient, and safer products and automation solutions, accelerating its expansion in overseas markets to create greater value for global customers.

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