ROKAE Flexible Welding Robots Drive Intelligent Manufacturing in Machinery Enterprises
Company news 2024/05/27


What do customers think about ROKAE welding robots? One of our clients, a machinery processing enterprise specializing in positioners and welding fixtures, finds that product quality directly impacts the final welded product. As their business expands, they aim to introduce automated and intelligent production equipment to boost capacity and product quality, enhancing market competitiveness.

Case Background

1. Heavy Physical Burden on Workers: The welding environment is harsh, with high-temperature sparks and noxious welding fumes threatening workers' safety and health, making recruitment increasingly difficult.

2. Industry Automation Trends: With industry upgrades and business expansion, the enterprise aims to implement automated welding operations to increase production capacity and quality.

3. Small Batch, Multi-Variety Production: The enterprise's production is characterized by small batches and a wide variety of products. Complex welding seam positions and precision deviations make traditional robot programming labor-intensive and inefficient.


Solution to address the challenges of variety, small batch production, harsh working environments, and difficult production changes, ROKAE provided a flexible welding robot solution. This solution utilizes ROKAE’s flexible cobots with the SWS welding control system, integrating welding machines, torches, and rails. The direct teaching method automatically plans welding paths for various shapes, easily handling diverse welding tasks.


1.Components of ROKAE Flexible Welding Robots


Compatible with various models of ROKAE SR, SR-C, and CR series flexible cobots, mainstream welding machines, and different welding platforms.

2.ROKAE Flexible Welding Robot Configurations


Supports magnetic bases, linear rails, and portable carts for quick deployment and flexible mobility across different scenarios.

3.Features of ROKAE Flexible Welding Robots


Supports complex welding techniques like linear oscillation, multi-layer welding, laser positioning, and arc tracking to meet diverse welding needs.

Customer Feedback

1.Simple and User-Friendly, Transforming Workers into Skilled Welders

"The robot is easy to operate. Even frontline workers without programming or robotic experience can quickly learn through the direct teaching method. Switching between welding tasks takes only a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the weld." From Onsite Worker

The SWS welding control system simplifies parameter settings and adjustments. The flexible cobots support easy direct teaching with less than 1N force, enhancing teaching efficiency and reducing collision risks during teaching.

2.Safe and Efficient, Creating a More Worker-Friendly Environment

"Previously, we endured hours of exposure to welding fumes and heat, which was unpleasant and unhealthy. Since adopting ROKAE’s flexible welding robots, our working environment and health have significantly improved. The robots' collision protection ensures safety for workers and materials." From Onsite Worker

Each joint of the ROKAE flexible welding robot is equipped with high-precision torque sensors, enhancing collision detection sensitivity by five times, ensuring safe human-robot collaboration.

3.Enhanced Quality for Multi-Variety, Small Batch Welding Tasks

"We specialize in positioners and welding fixtures, requiring high welding quality and aesthetics. ROKAE’s flexible welding robots perform exceptionally well, welding long seams and large arcs seamlessly, reducing weld joints and minimizing spatter, eliminating the need for extensive post-weld cleaning." From Onsite Worker

"As an automation provider, ROKAE offers a complete range of robotic products and solutions. Their flexible welding robots are easy to deploy and can handle special welding requirements, making them ideal for multi-variety, small batch production." From ROKAE Welding Equipment Distributor

ROKAE’s flexible welding robots achieve trajectory accuracy better than ±0.5mm. Utilizing global vibration suppression technology, vibration and end-effector oscillation are reduced by over 80% across all speeds, ensuring welding stability and significantly improving product quality. Continuous operation capabilities ensure 24/7 production, greatly enhancing efficiency and supporting substantial business growth.

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