ROKAE: Revolutionizing Turbo Shell Manufacturing with Automated Deburring Solutions
Company news 2024/03/04


1. Customer Challenges

Labor Intensity Issue:

Workers face increased burden due to the force required during deburring, alongside safety risks from high-speed tool rotation.

Work Environment and Recruitment Challenges:

Harsh working conditions and safety concerns contribute to recruitment difficulties and high turnover rates.

Product Consistency Concerns:

Manual deburring often leads to inconsistent product quality and missed spots due to varying force application.


2. Enterprise Needs

Reduced Labor Intensity:

Use robotic technology to handle over 80% of deburring tasks, alleviating manual labor.

Enhanced Safety and Dust Removal:

Implement independent workstations and centralized dust removal systems to improve working conditions without dedicated deburring areas.

Improved Product Quality:

Ensure consistent product quality by utilizing robotic procedures and tools.

Intelligent Transformation:

Embrace intelligent manufacturing to boost competitiveness and efficiency.

3. Solution

ROKAE Robotics, with years of experience in the field of deburring, has accumulated key technological advantages behind efficient deburring:


Advantage 1: High-Sensitivity Collision Detection

Utilizing advanced dynamic threshold detection algorithms to enhance collision detection response efficiency, with the unique smooth stop function reducing stress after collisions to ensure zero-point deviation is below ±0.05mm.

Advantage 2: Industry-Leading High Precision and Speed

Dynamic model planning and parameter identification to achieve high-precision error calibration and high-precision path planning, ensuring deburring trajectory accuracy while maintaining production efficiency.

Advantage 3: Self-Developed Flexible Force Control System

Real-time feedback of deburring force through force/position hybrid control, achieving closed-loop control of deburring pressure.

Advantage 4: Self-Developed Vision System

Utilizing 2D/3D vision guidance for accurate compensation of deburring errors caused by inconsistent workpieces, enabling rapid changeovers.

Leveraging core deburring technologies, ROKAE introduces the Turbo Shell Deburring Workstation, capable of comprehensive deburring coverage for workpieces of various sizes and shapes, providing customers with a one-stop turnkey solution.


Turbo Shell Deburring Workstation:

图片 3.png

Simple Deployment, Rapid Production:

Independent workstations for 100% automated deburring according to production capacity requirements.

Integrated design for quick deployment and production.

图片 4(1).png

Independent Feeding, Quick Changeover:

Simultaneous loading of multiple workpieces based on product dimensions.

Dual-station rotary table design for non-interference between feeding and operation.

Quick-change design for fixtures, enabling fast changeovers through preset operation programs.

Tilted loading platform design, combined with air knife for automatic debris cleaning.

图片 5.png

Efficient Production, Stable and Reliable:

Combination end-of-arm tool for rapid tool changes.

Automatic unloading through cylinder gripper after processing.

Precise control of deburring force with force-controlled floating tool.

IP67 protection level robot ensures equipment longevity.

4. Project Achievements

The ROKAE Turbo Shell Deburring Workstation, renowned for its high-speed, stable, and precise trajectory movements, ensures accurate control of deburring force. Its successful deployment at customer facilities has significantly elevated product quality and uniformity. By replacing 2-3 workers effectively, this machine aids clients in substantial labor cost reduction.

Furthermore, ROKAE continues to bolster the fusion of industry-specific scenarios and operational needs. Evolving from isolated process solutions, it now serves as a provider of comprehensive plant-wide process solutions. This evolution includes the development of an all-encompassing intelligent solution for turbo shell manufacturing. From coremaking to inspection, ROKAE facilitates seamless equipment replication and scalability.

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