ROKAE Robotics Secures over CNY500 Million in Strategic+ Funding Round
Company news 2024/04/07

Beijing, April 4 - ROKAE Robotics, a Beijing-based leading robotics company, has announced the successful completion of a strategic+ funding round, securing a total of over CNY500 million (USD69.1 million). The funding, backed by the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund and the Zoucheng City New Growth Drivers Industry Investment Fund, marks a significant milestone for the company.

The newly raised capital will be directed towards several key areas, including market expansion initiatives, international growth strategies, continuous product enhancements, and operational optimization efforts. This infusion of funds underscores ROKAE Robotics' commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the robotics industry.


Top-tier Capital Endorsement: Propelling Group-Level Operations

In this financing round, ROKAE Robotics garnered strong support from national and municipal investment institutions, signaling the capital market's high recognition of ROKAE as an industry-leading enterprise with robust innovation capabilities, excellent growth prospects, and immense development potential.

The involvement of the "National Team", spearheaded by the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund, is a key highlight of this funding round. Recognized as a flagship fund established by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, it is dedicated to strategic investments in leading companies across diverse sectors, including new materials, next-generation information technology, industrial robotics, and the new energy vehicle industry chain.


Recent data indicates the fund's active engagement in various segments of the industry chain, such as RV reducers, industrial robots, and system solutions, drawing considerable attention in the realm of smart manufacturing. Notably, the investment in ROKAE Robotics stands out as the fund's largest capital injection and its most substantial stakeholding in the intelligent manufacturing sector. This underscores the fund's strong vote of confidence in ROKAE Robotics and its innovative endeavors.

Zoucheng City New Growth Drivers Industry Investment Fund has voiced strong support for ROKAE Robotics' rapid growth. The Zoucheng City fund stated, "We believe ROKAE will propel our city's robotics industry and enhance its reputation."


In the midst of China's shift to high-quality development, smart manufacturing emerges as a key trend. ROKAE's ability to secure investments from national and municipal funds reflects its dedication to long-term planning and high-quality development amidst global economic challenges.

About ROKAE Robotics


Since its establishment in 2015, ROKAE Robotics has remained steadfast in its commitment to the development, production, and distribution of high-performance robotic solutions. With a focus on innovation, the company has dedicated substantial resources to advance its proprietary robotic control technology, culminating in the creation of the xCore control system platform, a cutting-edge solution shared across both industrial and collaborative robotics domains.

In pursuit of excellence, ROKAE Robotics has strategically established a research and development hub in Tokyo, Japan, leveraging the country's renowned expertise and methodologies to integrate global best practices into its technology portfolio.


With a comprehensive product line spanning payloads from 3 to 220 kg, ROKAE Robotics sets industry standards with its industrial robots, renowned for their exceptional speed, precision, and reliability. Furthermore, its latest generation of collaborative robots not only surpasses traditional models in safety and ease of use but also establishes new benchmarks for flexibility and adaptability in robotic applications worldwide.


ROKAE Robotics upholds a stringent quality assurance framework, ensuring durability and reliability across all phases of product development, from conceptualization to post-sales support. By harnessing advanced manufacturing technologies and digital management systems, the company delivers seamless and efficient solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.


With a proven track record of success, ROKAE Robotics has garnered widespread acclaim, earning recognition as a national "Little Giant" enterprise and a leader in technological innovation. The company's unwavering dedication to excellence positions it as a frontrunner in the global robotics landscape, poised to drive transformative advancements across industries and propel the future of automation forward.



For ROKAE Robotics' future development strategy, founder Hua Tuo emphasized a dual approach. Firstly, ROKAE will intensify research and development efforts in core robotics technologies to maintain and expand China's leadership position, swiftly closing the gap with top global manufacturers. Secondly, ROKAE is actively embracing AI trends, leveraging expertise in robot control, force sensing, and visual technology. Collaborations with Harbin Institute of Technology's Robotics Institute will further advance intelligent applications such as polishing, assembly, and teach-free welding, broadening AI's adoption in vertical markets.

Moreover, ROKAE possesses comprehensive capabilities in humanoid robotics spanning motion planning, dynamic control, integrated joints and core components, and intelligent vision and force sensing technology. ROKAE will deepen partnerships with leading AI institutions and enterprises to accelerate the industrialization of humanoid robotics.


ROKAE Robotics remains dedicated to revolutionizing the robotics landscape and looks forward to leveraging this investment to fuel its continued success and leadership in the industry.


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