ROKAE Industrial Excellence Unveiled: Mastering Quality Across the Entire Value Chain!
Company news 2024/01/12

Shandong TV's "Brand Shandong" featured ROKAE Robotics in Shandong's Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, revealing the secrets behind excellent industrial quality.

In recent years, Shandong has focused on enhancing product quality as part of its "Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong" brand initiative. ROKAE, as a robotics company, consistently upholds the belief that "quality is the lifeline of the product."


ROKAE Robotics aims to be a global leader and prioritizes high-quality products. The name "ROKAE" comes from Laozi's "Tao Te Ching," emphasizing a preference for solidity over surface brilliance.

Through years of quality management, ROKAE has established a customer-centric "Full Value Chain" quality control system, covering various stages to ensure every robot delivered is reliable and efficient.


Innovative R&D for High-Performance Results

Maintaining quality relies on innovation. In 2020, ROKAE set up an R&D center in Japan, leveraging 8 years of expertise in industrial robotics. Collaborating with our Japanese center, ROKAE swiftly absorbed global-leading robotic technologies, building a high-performance innovative R&D system.


In product design, ROKAE uses an efficient simulation system based on the xCore control system. Developers import customer scenarios, assess foundational robot performance, and use open parameters to optimize specific production line metrics. This not only helps customers but also aids ROKAE's own product optimization.

Guided by this, ROKAE conducts positive design, optimizes the control system, and improves systems for a solid product foundation.

Advanced Manufacturing for Quality

ROKAE excels in high-quality production through its cutting-edge facility. This future factory, a major project in Shandong Province, integrates digital, informational, and intelligent technologies, establishing a robust production base for both industrial and collaborative robots.


Automated Design: ROKAE's future factory features an automated "robots building robots" assembly line, achieving an impressive assembly time of just 37 minutes per industrial robot unit. With an annual capacity exceeding 20,000 sets, it signifies a leap in intelligent manufacturing.

Quality Assurance:

Incoming Material Inspection: ROKAE selects top-tier suppliers and employs advanced inspection tools for rigorous quality control, ensuring precise and reliable product testing.

Quality Traceability: Utilizing MES technology, ROKAE monitors key production points, establishing an efficient quality record system for comprehensive production management and continuous product quality traceability.

Testing and Verification: ROKAE conducts stringent tests covering accuracy, rigidity, vibration, stress, and high-temperature aging. Holding international certifications like Robot CR, CE, KCs, EAC, and MTBF exceeding 80,000 hours, ROKAE showcases its commitment to high-quality and reliable products.

Top-notch Service for ROKAE Customers

ROKAE doesn't just build robots; it prioritizes creating products customers genuinely need and delivering exceptional services. Customer-centric and market-driven, ROKAE actively listens to client feedback, ensuring products meet performance expectations. Over the years, the company has visited numerous clients, earning praise for tailored suggestions and efficient solutions.

ROKAE's after-sales service goes beyond industry standards, providing a worry-free experience. The dedicated team, available 24/7, utilizes a customized app for quick service requests. This ensures prompt responses, covering complaints, repairs, and feedback, fostering a seamless customer experience.

Quality remains ROKAE's foundation. Committed to excellence, the company pledges to deliver outstanding products and services, contributing to high-quality economic and social development.


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