CIIF 2023 - Industrial Robots and Cobots by ROKAE Robotics
Company news 2023/09/23

The China International Industry Fair (CIIF) took place in Shanghai, China from September 19th to September 23rd. ROKAE ROBOTICS showcased a range of industrial robots and cobots with different payload capacities, from 4 kg to 220 kg.


At our booth, we had the pleasure of hosting numerous visitors who had the opportunity to witness the impressive capabilities and applications of our robotic arms. These included cobots designed for calligraphy, palletizing, welding, and screw locking, as well as industrial robots suitable for high-speed tasks, handling large payloads, loading and unloading, and riveting.

Large payload industrial robot

Robot calligrapher

Robot high-speed performance showcase

Palletizing robot


Welding robot

Loading and unloading for electronics inspection


Screw locking of car headlights


Riveting of new energy battery shells


Mobile manipulators

We eagerly anticipate the next exhibition where we can introduce even more advanced robotic technology to our valued customers.

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