Automatica 2023 - Industrial Robots and Cobots by ROKAE Robotics
Company news 2023/07/05

Automatica 2023 was held from 27th to 30th June at Messe München, Munich, Germany. At this exhibition, ROKAE Robotics exhibited a new generation of flexible collaborative robots, industrial robots and several sets of intelligent solutions, showcasing advanced robot technology, perfect product series and strong comprehensive strength.


Automatica is a professional technology exhibition organised by Messe München and has become the world's most famous, largest and most important exhibition for the robotics industry and automation technology. Automatica 2023 will focus on three themes: "Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence", "The Future of Work" and "Sustainable Production", with more than 800 companies competing on the same stage to showcase the latest and most advanced robotics technology and technological achievements.

Flexible Cobot with Force Control Technology

As a new generation of flexible cobot, xMate CR12 adopts a new generation of joint force control technology system, each joint is equipped with high-precision torque sensors, and has full-body force control and soft control capabilities, which can better accomplish precision assembly, flexible inspection, human-machine cooperation and other tasks that robots could not or were difficult to do well before. In addition, CR12 can achieve the high IP67 protection level, which can comfortably cope with all kinds of harsh scenarios and ensure efficient and stable operation for a long time.

High-Speed 2D Flexible Feeding

The application workstation consists of a ROKAE XB4 industrial robot and a CR12 cobot. The XB4 industrial robot is equipped with vision analysis and localisation, which can easily identify the location of scattered and stacked workpieces, accurately pick up disorderly materials, and quickly move to the machine tool to perform loading and unloading tasks through the external guide rail. This application realises the random sorting of workpieces and automatic loading and unloading operations, which can effectively reduce the labour intensity of personnel, significantly improve production efficiency, and help companies realise automated flexible production.

Pick-and-Place for Bolt Measuring

The ROKAE XB4 picks up bolts from the conveyor belt using vision guidance and places them in the designated inspection equipment to efficiently complete the automated inspection and loading/unloading of bolts. Compared with manual inspection, the high-precision and high-speed characteristics of industrial robots not only greatly enhance the inspection efficiency, but also improve the accuracy of inspection, improve the quality and efficiency is obvious, to help enterprises to further enhance competitiveness.

Small Parts 2D Bin-Picking

ROKAE XB7 is equipped with a self-developed high-performance control system, with ±0.02mm repeatability, perfectly adapted to the vision, capable of performing high speed, high precision bin-picking and loading/unloading, and easily realising the handling of ultra-small workpieces. Robot performance is reliable and stable, can be a long time stable operation, widely used in automotive, 3C electronics, logistics, e-commerce, foundry and many other industries.

Since this year, ROKAE Robotics has accelerated its overseas promotion, successively participating in the top international exhibitions in Russia and Italy, and attracting great attention from the global audience of many industries with its leading robot technology and products. In the future, ROKAE will continue to increase investment in technology R&D and innovation, and actively expand the global market to meet the application needs of customers in various industries around the world with more excellent products and services, and enable more customers to move towards digitalisation, unmanned, intelligent.


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