Rokae Releases a New Generation of CMR Series Composite Robots
Company news 2023/03/21

The composite robot integrates multiple functional characteristics of "hands, feet, eyes, and brain", and has gradually become the key equipment to meet the growing flexibility needs of customers.


Recently, Rokae (Chinese: 珞石) released a new generation of CMR series composite robots to meet the needs of more complex applications and subdivided scenarios for flexible and intelligent production, and to fully empower enterprises to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.


Founded in 2015, Rokae focuses on the R&D, production and sales of a series of products such as multi-joint industrial robots and collaborative robots. Relying on platform-based products and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, it provides customers with services such as smarter, more efficient, and safer products and automation solutions for industries, commerce, and medical fields.

Rokae has global R&D, operation, sales and service capabilities covering more than 20 countries, and has reached in-depth cooperation with many global leading companies to provide them with solid robotics technology, products and standardized application solutions to meet the global market user needs.

The newly released CMR series composite robots can be matched with flexible collaborative robots, mobile chassis, 2D/3D vision and end tools. The robotic arm is equipped with Rokae flexible collaborative robots xMate CR, ER, SR series, with a load of 3-18 kg and a working range of 580 mm-1300 mm. The mobile chassis has a load of 300-600Kg, adopts laser SLAM navigation method, and can independently plan paths and build environmental maps, without the need to modify the site, showing strong adaptability.

Through the flexible cooperation of "hands, eyes, feet, and brain", Rokae CMR series can easily realize various functions such as movement, identification, and grasping, and can be widely used in scenarios such as material transfer, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) loading and unloading, visual inspection, and equipment control, efficiently completing various complex or multiple tasks between different stations in the production and manufacturing process, thus creating an intelligent and flexible production process.

CMR composite robot is easy to use, safe, reliable, and flexible, and has been widely used in 3C electronics, semiconductors, machine tool processing, general industry, medical care and other industries. It is believed that with the in-depth advancement of intelligent manufacturing, Rokae composite robots will help more enterprises to achieve a new level of intelligence in their factories by virtue of their powerful superior performance.

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