ROKAE CR20 Cobot in Intelligent Palletizing
Industries 2023/04/11

Case study: intelligent mixed palletizing and depalletizing with ROKAE xMate cobot.

ROKAE one-stop intelligent palletizing robot solution. With ROKAE's self-developed custom palletizing process package and the newly launched large-load flexible cobot CR20, the workstation can set up a new palletizing pattern in 5 minutes, create up to 100 palletizing processes, stack 2 products at the same time. Palletizing operations up to 7 cycles per minute redefines ease of use!

Model: ROKAE xMate CR20 Cobot

✔️Payload: 20 kg

✔️DOF: 6

✔️Reach: 1798 mm

✔️Repeatability: ±0.05 mm

✔️Smaller footprint: built-in controller without controller cabinet

✔️Safer and better performance: high-precision industrial-grade force sensor for each joint

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