Mobile Manipulator Automates the 3D Printing Smart Factory
Industries 2022/09/13

Case Study: Composite Robots Automates the 3D Printing Smart Factory

In the face of increasing demand for customization, multi-species and small batch production, material handling and machine loading and unloading also tend to be complex. The existing automation equipment of some enterprises is difficult to cope with flexibly, and the accuracy and reliability of personnel work are also facing challenges.

Composite robots ensure high production flexibility

ROKAE composite robot can meet different loading needs of multiple devices at the same time, with operation accuracy up to ±1 mm and navigation accuracy up to ±5 mm. It ensures the flexibility of production while improving the accuracy and reliability of operation.

Solve the problem of "last meter" logistics automation 

The composite robot combines a collaborative robot and laser-guided AGV, which greatly extends the operating space of the collaborative robot and solves the problem of "last meter" logistics automation that has plagued customers for a long time. The operation accuracy and loading and unloading time are greatly improved.

Composite robots for greater productivity

Excluding charging time, the composite robot can operate continuously. One composite robot can handle the loading and unloading of seven machines, replacing one material preparation worker and one loading and unloading worker. The solution has been applied in batch and has a stable operation at dozens of customer sites.

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