6-Axis Robots in Vehicle Locks Deburring
Industries 2022/09/06

Case study: Plasma Deburring for Vehicle Locks with ROKAE 6-Axis Robots.

Deburring of vehicle door lock parts often encounters:

● Poor deburring quality and low efficiency with grinding tools;

● Difficulty in deburring the corners due to the complex workpiece shape.

The plasma deburring equipment for vehicle locks consists of 2 ROKAE robots that remove the residual burrs around the vehicle lock parts by plasma in the vehicle lock deburring workstation on the assembly line, solving the difficulty in deburring the corners of a complex workpiece.

Model: ROKAE XB7L Industrial Robot

✔️Payload: 7 kg

✔️Reach: 906 mm

✔️DOF: 6

✔️Repeatability: ±0.03 mm

The high-performance control system independently developed by ROKAE features the advantages of fast robot motion, smooth and uniform trajectory, and precise control. With the help of plasma flame, the burr can be removed completely without residue, resulting in a good deburring effect.

The equipment, being environmentally friendly without dust pollution, has been used in the production line for 2 years without faults. Its stable process ensures a product qualification rate of 100%. 

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