Nowadays, electronics corporates are actively seeking optimal solutions due to the ever-increasing labor costs and product iteration speeds. 

Known for their high precision, high speed, and high efficiency, the light and compact ROKAE robots are suitable for flexible production modes, significantly boosting product quality and consistency and introducing tangible improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.




The resultant speed reaches as high as 7m/s thanks to the online trajectory planning based on dynamics.

High-precision dynamics modeling and parameter identification as well as velocity and inertia feedforward are squeezing the last out of the hardware performance. 

More Precise


High-precision global error compensation, with repeatability reaching the incredible ±0.015 mm.

Precise and smooth path, suitable for gluing and other scenarios that call for high precision.

More Reliable


Rigorous design and continuous improvement bring you a reliable partner in industrial production. 

ROKAE products are certified with IP67, CE, CR, and more and have passed the 0℃~45℃ operation test and 120-hour factory test. 

Smaller Footprint


The small-load robots of ROKAE have the smallest footprint.

The tail outlet of the body takes an elbow shape to further reduce the footprint.

Built-in motor and cables for easy wiring through are interfaces.

Easier to Use


Remote control and SDK.

Bus protocols including CC-Link, Modbus (TCP, RTU), PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, and EtherCAT. 

Serial port, TCP/IP communication.

Simple maintenance with timely, professional, and efficient service.

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